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Who we are and what we do...

Outsights is a network of consultative, technical, and training resources. Over the last 16 years, Outsights has gained an in-depth understanding of the growing challenge facing technical services organizations.

We co-designed the Knowledge Centered Support Strategy (KCS). We implemented KCS processes and technologies between 1994 and 2002, co-authoring the white papers for KCS and the adaptive organizational model.

Since 2002, we designed and prototyped the Integrated Solutions Network (ISN) operational model which applies collaboration, content normalization, and value-based metrics to the KCS model.

Since 2011, we have been developing a model for collaborative multi-vendor virtual support.

We help organizations find the best operational models which work for them and adopt leading practices in the most cost effective ways. We focus on self-service for internal users, their customers and partner communities.

Working with industry leaders and individuals who are not afraid to work outside of the box, we have established new norms in organizational workflows which function at a fraction of traditional costs.


What We Can Offer Your Company...

  • Performance Solutions for Business


    Optimize and predict demand.

  • Technology Solutions for Business


    Select and implement the right tools for the task.

  • Integrated Solution Network


    The whole enchilada.

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  • Microsoft Lucent Technologies

  • Sun Microsystems Xerox

  • 3com Cisco

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